Aged care

We put the care back into Aged Care in the St George area.

Caring for your ageing parents – Caring for your spouse – Caring for your loved ones

Early intervention to reduce the effects of aging is key to better outcomes for each client.

We provide in clinic, home based and Aged Care facility treatment sessions.

  • A dedicated team of physiotherapists
  • Comprehensive initial assessment and rehabilitation plan
  • One-on-one treatment sessions
    • pain relief and pain management
    • individualised exercise and strengthening programs
    • falls prevention programs
    • chest physiotherapy
  • Advice on manual handling strategies to promote safety
  • Regular updates to family, carer and GP/specialists.


Facts about getting older:

  • decreased balance and coordination
  • impaired vision and hearing
  • loss of muscle mass and strength
  • decreased mobility and cardio vascular fitness
  • reduced flexibility and joint motion
  • slower – reaction times and mental processing
  • reduced bowel and bladder function affects confidence and mobility
  • loss of social contacts and external environment stimulation.

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