St George Aged Care Expo

St George Aged Care Expo

We are looking forward to the next St George Aged Care Expo. A great opportunity to meet with our local communities and offer support and advise.
Did you know we regularly visit clients in their own home, ensuring they are confident and safe to continue living independently at home?

Come along for a chat or give us a call to see how we can help you or your loved ones.


August 12, 2019 23:48 pm

Tradies National Health Month

This month we are focusing on Tradies and their health. Australian tradies experience some of the highest rates of injury and time off work with 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involving a tradie. The Australian Physiotherapy Association is encouraging all tradies, their employers and families to think about their health and take a few simple steps to prioritise their wellbeing at work

Back pain is the most common injury experienced by tradies, with other common injuries being shoulder issues related to repetitive reaching and holding actions, knee injuries related to repetitive bending and ankle sprains from working on uneven ground.

Any job involving manual and repetitive tasks may result in aches and pains.

Seeing a physiotherapist early before the issue progresses to something more serious is an important take-home message. Physiotherapists can tell you how to stop the issue from getting worse and provide treatment and exercises to help with a speedy recovery.

August 08, 2019 6:48 am

City2Surf – are you fit and ready?

We hope your training has you fit and ready for the City2Surf this weekend.

We are open on Saturday morning to help you with any last-minute niggles before the big race.

Call us today so we can help you be in the best possible condition to get to the finish line in record time. Good luck!!


August 08, 2019 5:25 am

Reduce your pain in your HSC trials

Its that time of year again when Year 12 students face the pain of studying hard for their HSC trials.

Mental stress, tension and fatigue can create or enhance pain particularly in the neck and shoulders. Prolonged sitting at the desk, using computers and leaning over books while studying is not good for your posture, so its not surprising that many students will suffer from headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain. Pain can distract you from concentrating and may impact your performance. Preventing and treating pain can help students perform at their best.

Physiotherapists can release neck and shoulder tension, headaches and back pain leaving you to focus on whats important.

Knowing the right stretches and exercises to do at home while studying can increase your chance of performing at your best. Taking regular breaks and finding time to do some regular exercise will help both mentally and physically.

Call us for an appointment this week. Good luck with your studies Year 12.


July 29, 2019 6:41 am

St George Aged Care Expo

The St George Aged Care Expo gave Hurstville Physio Plus a great opportunity to showcase how we can support our ageing community. Helping those who are ageing to maintain their independence and confidence to remain in their own home. We believe that early intervention is essential to reduce the effects of ageing and is key to better outcomes for our clients.

Our dedicated team of physiotherapists provide professional physiotherapy, exercise therapy and rehabilitation in the comfort and safety of the client’s home or aged care facility, or in our clinic. They complete a comprehensive initial assessment and develop a rehabilitation plan to help each client achieve their goals.


St George Aged Care Eexpo August 2018 St George Hurstville Physio Plus Aged Crae Expo August 2018

September 06, 2018 8:40 am

Changing approach to back pain

There is new research on back pain that encourages exercise and reinforces that pain is a protective mechanism, not a measure of tissue damage.

Too many people are having back surgery needlessly when the evidence of benefit is weak. The experts say that scans, x-rays, cortisone injections and long-term opioid use are often unhelpful and moving rather than focusing on the pain is best.  Once you have the all clear from a doctor or physiotherapist, you are safe to move. So, get moving, even if it hurts.

With chronic pain, the brain is being overly cautious and the pain system gets more sensitive. Pain is increased by fear of re-injury and a whole host of other factors. And so, over time, our body creates a bigger than necessary pain buffer zone.

If there is no improvement after an episode of acute back pain then consider seeking advice from a physiotherapist, if you haven’t already seen one. A physiotherapist will help find the most appropriate exercises for the individual person taking account of their preferences and abilities. For example, if muscles are weak around the spine then it’s strength exercise,  if there are coordination or movement problems, it could be a different exercise. Movement and exercise have an important role in preventing the recurrence of back pain. Read more…




June 14, 2018 6:10 am

Finalists in the Local Business Awards 2018

Thank you for voting for us on the Leader Local Business Awards this year. Your continuing support is most appreciated. We are fortunate to be part of the wonderful St George community and although we were not awarded the winning trophy this, we all enjoyed a fun evening at the awards ceremony. We will be back again next year!!


Physio Plus Local business awards 2018

June 14, 2018 5:44 am

Plank exercise challenge

Did you know that the World Record for the longest held plank is a huge 4 hours and  28 minutes!

Start with a quick 30 seconds and see how long it takes to get to your own record. Good luck.
Plank exercise Hurstville Physio Plus

June 14, 2018 5:32 am

Get active for the kids

Physical activity is good for your body and has also been linked to improved academic performance in children. Active play needs neuro-motor coordination of movement as well as planning, strategizing, social interaction and responding to the environment. Get motivated, get outside this weekend and encourage your kids to be active. Need help to keep up with the kids? Our team of physios can help fix your aches and pains. Read more

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March 16, 2018 4:01 am

World Physiotherapy Day

Physiotherapy helps Australians of all ages be active, stay independent and have quality of life

Here at Hurstville Physio Plus our physiotherapists play a key role in helping people with health conditions to achieve their goals, fulfil their potential and participate fully in society.  We work with our clients to maximise movement and functional ability. If you have problems that affect your mobility, call us today – we are qualified experts in movement and exercise.

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September 08, 2016 4:29 am

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St George Aged Care Expo
12th Aug 2019

We are looking forward to the next St George Aged Care Expo. A great opportunity to meet with our lo

Tradies National Health Month
8th Aug 2019

This month we are focusing on Tradies and their health. Australian tradies experience some of the h

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