Day-dreaming about lunch? You may want to buy a healthy sandwich instead of a bacon and egg roll, with figures showing that Aussies are among the fattest people in the world - and we're getting fatter!

The New York Times has an interesting article about the obesity trend and how the Australian Government has tried to battle the bulge - click the photo below to read more.

We all know that being overweight affects our cardiovascular health, but did you know that it also affects musculoskeletal pain? Research has shown that obese people have more problems with work-restricting musculoskeletal pain than the general population, and there is a clear association between a higher BMI and poorer health-related quality of life:

Talk to your physio about ways to battle the bulge. Here at Hurstville Physio Plus we also have our lovely exercise physiologist Davina, who can work with you to design a fitness and weight loss program!

Have you or someone close to you been experiencing joint pain? Don't let it control your life!

Research provides strong support for exercise and muscle strength to help reduce pain due to arthritis and other joint conditions.

Come in and get involved in our JOINT CARE PROGRAM now!

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Are you finding it hard to stay motivated and keep fit during the cold winter months?

This link has some tips that may help keep you going, if not come in and speak to a physiotherapist about a new exercise routine to boost your motivation levels.