Do your kids spend more time in front of the couch or on the computer than they spend outside playing? They could be setting themselves up for a lifetime of bad health and lifestyle habits.

Childhood obesity is rapidly becoming more preva...lent, with estimates that by 2025, one third of all Aussie children will be overweight or obese. Associated health disorders include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, hypertension and sleep apnea.

Perhaps one of the scariest statistics is that, based on present trends, it is predicted that by the time they reach the age of 20, our kids will have a shorter life expectancy than earlier generations simply due to obesity.

It's vital to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits in kids from a young age - see this link for healthy lifestyle tips. It's easier than you may think!

This Thursday, 12th September is "R U OK Day", a day dedicated to reminding people to regularly check in with family and friends.

Good health relies on more than just your physical well-being, as it also encompasses your social and mental state. Being injured and having pain (especially chronic pain) can affect your emotional well being and lead to depression. Conversely, being depressed can reduce your motivation to stay fit and active, which then affects your physical health as well.

Research has shown that people with depression are less likely to return to pre-injury levels of function during the post-injury year.

Numerous studies have shown that people who exercise regularly experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety than those who do not exercise regularly.

Check out the "R U OK" Facebook page and website for tips about how to ask "are you okay?" and places to find help if you are struggling with life.

It's World Physiotherapy Day this Sunday, 8th September! The Australian Physiotherapy Association is celebrating with the "I ♥ my Physio competition."

Follow the link to enter by describing how physiotherapy has helped you achieve full health and well-being. You could win an iPad 4, and your nominated physio can win too!

Entries open on World Physiotherapy Day – Sunday 8 September 2013.