With the Christmas craze and end-of-year work deadlines approaching, you may be feeling the effects of stress.

Stress occurs when we feel we cannot manage the demands life throws at us. Symptoms include feeling anxious, irritable, forgetful, sleepless and unable to cope.

Having a balanced diet, practising relaxation techniques and exercising regularly are great ways of coping with stress.

Are you still trying to ignore your beer belly? Do you think you're all muscle under that "thin" layer of fat?

It's time to stop denying the facts, and take action to lose the flab!

If you're still not convinced you've got a weight problem, click the photo below for a link to ways of measuring whether you're overweight, as well as information about the health effects of carrying extra weight.

Talk to one of our physios, or book an appointment with our exercise physiologist to get yourself back on track to good health and fitness.

We all know regular exercise is good for us, but did you know it can actually add years to your life?

Harvard Medical School researchers have found that if you do the recommended 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, you could increase your life expectancy by 3.4 years or more! Any moderate-intensity activity will do: gardening, cycling, walking or playing with the kids.

See this link for more information and exercise guidelines.