It's time to shake the hand-shake and get fist-bumping, according to new research.

Aberystwyth University has found that fist bumps and high fives are more hygienic than handshakes and drastically reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

Hand-shakes transfer 10x as much bacteria than a fist bump, likely due to their greater surface area and duration.

Here at Hurstville Physio Plus, we reduce the spread of germs by cleaning our hands before and after each patient with anti-bacterial hand-gel. We encourage you to do the same - there's hand-gel in the waiting room!

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Recent research has found a link between sitting and an increased risk of developing endometrial, bowel and lung cancer.

For every extra 2 hours spent sitting each day, your risk of developing one of these cancers increases by between 6-10%.

In even more bad news, this effect does not seem to be affected by the amount of exercises you do. So even in those who are generally physically active, excessive sitting can increase cancer risk.

Look Mum, we're in the paper! We'll try not to let the fame go to our heads...

Coaches and parents have been warned of the dangers of over-training kids, as a new report highlights the increased risk of injury during adolescence.

The teenage growth spurt is associated with a rapid increase in bone length, which may compromise bone strength, leading to increased risk of fractures.

As the bones lengthen faster than muscles, the subsequent muscle tension can lead increasing pulling at bony growth plates. This can lead to pain and inflammation, often associated with physical activity.

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