Do you have shoulder pain? Difficulty lifting your arm? Unable to sleep on your side?

You could have shoulder impingement syndrome. Come in and see us for a full assessment and treatment plan.

To crack or not to crack?

We've all been told at one stage to stop cracking our knuckles as it'll give us arthritis. But how much weight is there behind this warning?

So far, there is no evidence to suggest a higher risk of arthritic conditions in those that regularly crack their joints

And so, the only negative effect of painless knuckle cracking seems to be the annoying effect it has on the observer!

Weak bones are a major issue for men too

Osteoperosis is considered a womens disease but one in five men over fifty will suffer a fracture due to osteoperotic bones.

For good bone health, we need:

1. Adequate calcium in our diet

2. Regular sunshine for Vitamin D

3. Regular weight bearing exercise for improved bone mineral density

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We hear a lot of these "no pain, no gain" statements when people are talking about recovery and exercise tolerance - but is it wise? Our body has a way of warning us when somethings not right - so ignoring pain can often lead to further problems and injuries. Click below for the full article.