Physiotherapist Graduate Program

Get ready to put all your knowledge into practice with our Physiotherapist Graduate Program for 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kick start your career in private practice with a supportive and experienced team of physiotherapists and mentors.

You can expect to excel in your clinical reasoning as well as practical skills as you’re guided through our structured program to become a confident and successful physiotherapist.

Our focus is on supporting you to achieve your best in addition to getting outstanding results for your clients. This is more than just a job – we love what we do and want you to feel the same! Be rewarded by experiencing your clients recommending you to their friends and family.

About us

We are a collaborative and enthusiastic team who are well respected and awarded for providing excellence in physiotherapy, our client’s results speak for themselves. Our team of experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists focuses on manual therapy, injury prevention, exercise prescription and rehabilitation. 

Our ongoing success over 23 years creates the opportunity to continue to grow our team and expand our services to our local community. Established networks with local practitioners, specialists and allied health providers offer the benefit of a multidisciplinary approach to client management. 

Benefits of our Physiotherapist Graduate Program:

  • experience our open approach to active learning that supports excellence in clinical reasoning, manual therapy techniques and exercise rehabilitation 
  • receive regular one-on-one mentoring from each of our senior team members with combined experience of more than 44 years
  • receive weekly one-on-one review of your clients to grow your skills and confidence
  • be involved in a structured in-service program with clinical case studies and in-depth topic presentations to accelerate your learning
  • be involved in a structured in-service program with clinical case studies and in-depth topic presentations to accelerate your learning
  • learn how to navigate all things private practice from exceptional communication, clinical note taking to report writing  
  • accelerate your ability to attract and maintain your clients
  • treat a diverse and multicultural caseload including acute, complex and chronic pain, sports injuries and rehabilitation for elite athletes to the active general population
  • enjoy team-building and social events to nurture our fun team culture.

What’s in it for you?

  • a relaxed, friendly and supportive team
  • valuable skills and knowledge that will set you up for success
  • transferable skills with options to use in the community setting and aged care
  • a competitive remuneration package that grows with your performance
  • ongoing professional development support
  • conveniently located opposite a mainline station and main bus interchange.

We are looking for:

  • the right fit for our team – it’s our priority!
  • desire to excel as a musculoskeletal, hands-on physiotherapist
  • aptitude to develop sound clinical reasoning skills
  • a fun and personable individual
  • an enthusiastic and highly-motivated team player
  • a passion and openness for ongoing learning
  • competency in exercise prescription
  • proven ability to work collaboratively to achieve the best for your clients

How to apply

Look no further as this opportunity won’t last long – send your resume and cover letter outlining why you are the best candidate to join our team to or call Greg on 02 9579 5662 for a friendly chat and he can answer any questions you may have.

What our Graduates have to say

Graduate Physiotherapist Hurstville Physio Plus

What have been the biggest challenges working in private practice as a new graduate physiotherapist?

The biggest challenges are clinical reasoning, knowing what to do, when and why. It takes a long time to be really good at it.

How has the team helped you during your first graduate year?

The team has been amazing! The ongoing mentoring from Greg, the Practice Principal has been awesome. His knowledge is second to none and his openness and willingness to share. The team has been incredible, always there to give a second opinion, to help if I’ve been unsure – stepping in to help out without having to really ask.”

What do you like most about working here as a graduate physiotherapist?

The culture – it’s friendly and relaxed and we treat everyone like family. It’s a really nice place to come to work every day.

Also the hands-on approach to treatment, learning how the body works as a whole and understanding the problem and knowing what to do. You don’t get that if you don’t do hands-on treatment.

It’s been an amazing experience to kick-start my career.

What have been the biggest challenges as a new graduate?

The biggest challenge would definitely be clinical reasoning when treating patients, learning how to transform what I have learned at university, into real practice.

How have the team helped you out during your first year?

Greg, the practice principal and the senior physios, Simon and Carol, have all mentored me which has helped me progress my learning and hands-on skills. If I have a tricky case, I can ask for their advice and they support me. Weekly team meetings and 1-on-1 sessions with Greg are fabulous – we establish and work on specific SMART goals. This has definitely helped accelerate my learning and become more confident in treating various patients.

What do you like most about working here?

The team is amazing, treating everyone as family. It’s tough becoming a physiotherapist!! However, everyone in the team is willing to provide support and feedback which helps you to become a more independent practitioner.

Adrian Cerra physiotherapist Graduate Program

What have been the biggest challenges as a new graduate?

You come out of Uni with a brain full of knowledge but there are bits and pieces scattered everywhere. Being able to put the puzzle together, and understanding how the musculoskeletal system, neural system and biomechanics are all integrated, is a big challenge! Then applying this knowledge to the patient in front of you, when every individual is very different, is even harder.

How has the team helped you out during your first year?

The team is very supportive. Having weekly team meetings plus mentor sessions with Principal physiotherapist Greg, has been great to accelerate my learning. Senior physiotherapist Simon is also always around to happily discuss and explain anything at any time.

What do you like most about working here?

The emphasis is manual therapy and education for all patients in pain. This ensures they believe and understand that they will improve and can achieve their goals despite how they are feeling currently.

What our Principal Mentor has to say

Principal physiotherapist mentor garduate program Hurstville Physio Plus

What are the biggest challenges for new graduates in private practice?

The major challenge is putting the theory of physiotherapy into practice. They need to accelerate their hands-on manual therapy skills to complement their clinical reasoning. Also, they need to become direct and confident communicators to influence health behaviours.

What is your approach to mentoring new graduates?

“An openness to sharing my knowledge and skills, starting with a broad perspective and narrowing to more complex anatomy, pathophysiology, assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Providing ongoing support and feedback to become a confident, independent practitioner.”

What does the Graduate Program offer new grads?

A collaborative approach to learning and growing. There is time to reflect on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment with your mentor. You will be challenged every day and finish with a buzz knowing what you have achieved.

We set our graduates up for success!

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