Knee pain

The knee is a hinge joint, with attaching ligaments, muscles, connective tissue, fat pads and  cushioning disc, which are all prone to injury. Knee pain is usually  aused by trauma or overuse e.g. stress fractures, osteoarthritis, growing pains (Osgood Schlatters Disease) or bursitis.

Our physiotherapists will complete a comprehensive assessment of your pain and symptoms, agree the best treatment plan for you which may include soft tissue massage, taping/splinting. joint mobilisation, heat therapy, ultrasound, TENS and dry needling.

Developing strength, flexibility and control using stability exercises and stretches may be part of your ongoing treatment plan. You will be provided with functional exercises to help you return to the activities you enjoy.

We stock knee braces, foam rollers, knee guards, Theraband, Theratubing and anti-inflammatory creams if needed.

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