Neck pain, headache & migraine

Neck pain, headache and migraine are commonly treated by physiotherapists. Neck pain is very common, with 50-80% of people experiencing pain at some point in their lives. Your head weighs about 7kg and balances on multiple small skinny bones. It relies heavily on you controlling your muscles and posture to keep everything balanced so you have no pain.

There are 3 main types of headache – tension headache, cervicogenic headache and migraine.

Our physiotherapists will assess the cause of your neck pain or headache and work with you to agree a treatment plan and exercise program. You may need to develop your strength, flexibility and control using stability exercises and stretches. We will design an exercise program that best suits you because eveyone is different.

Treatment may include joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage, heat therapy, ultrasound, TENS and dry needling.

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