Its that time of year again when Year 12 students face the pain of studying hard for their HSC trials

Mental stress, tension and fatigue can create or enhance pain including headache, neck and shoulder pain. Prolonged sitting at the desk, using computers and leaning over books while studying is not good for your posture, so its not surprising that many students will suffer from headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain. Pain can distract you from concentrating and may impact your performance. Preventing and treating pain can help students perform at their best.

Physiotherapists can release neck and shoulder tension, headaches and back pain leaving you to focus on whats important.

Knowing the right stretches and exercises to do at home while studying can increase your chance of performing at your best. Taking regular breaks and finding time to do some regular exercise will help both mentally and physically.

Call us for an appointment this week. Good luck with your studies Year 12.